June 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

Orphan boys join us for a visit at Nyangombe in this photograph taken in May 2017. The boys live in the villages surrounding Nyangombe in the northwest province of Zambia and rely on the support of

Project HOPE for payment of their school fees and basic resources. They are serious about their education and know that attending school is key to having a future. Please consider contributing a donation to help pay school fees for an orphan at Nyangombe. Your gift can bring hope!

Afternoon Visits with Widows and Orphans

The community care teams of Nyangombe continue to do a great job of caring over 200 widows and orphans in the villages surrounding the mission. On Sunday afternoon Executive Director Christopher Graves had the chance to tour with Charles Kafweta and visit with many women and children.

“The incredible work of the care teams ensures that vulnerable people are not forgotten” shared Graves. “They travel great distances to visit and make sure people are getting basic resources.”


Tools for Apprentices Delivered…

Thanks to the generosity of the Carpentry Union of Hamilton, over $1,700 worth of tools were delivered to the carpentry school at Nyangombe on Saturday. The donation means that each graduating student will receive their own tool set to begin their careers as carpenters.

Ken Murray, who has joined Project HOPE Executive Director Christopher Graves on this trip, is a member of the union and asked his executive about making the gift. A big thank you to Local 18 for providing the tools!