Fantastic Breakfast in Aylmer!

The telephone continued to ring late Friday night as folks were asking for tickets for this inaugural event but it was sold out! Over 100 people enjoyed a fantastic breakfast prepared by the team at St. Paul’s United Church. Guests arrived early to begin previewing an interesting assortment of items up for bid in the silent auction and everyone was ready for a great morning together.

Our thanks to all who attended and supported this new event. We had guests from Hamilton to London, Tillsonburg to St. Thomas, Kitchener to Aylmer and all points in between. From the many silent auction package donors to our friends who presented,  people heard and supported our projects.

The new library for Saikalo School project was launched at the breakfast and guests were invited to collect and donate children’s reading books. The books will be sent to the Saikalo School so that the students will have English books to read for their curriculum requirements. If you would like to participate, just contact us for details!

Again, it was exciting to greet so many new friends to the Project HOPE community. Thank you for your support and standing with us as we care for vulnerable widows and orphans.


September 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

While September might mean the beginning of school here in Canada, many kids are not ready to let go of summer and head back to classes. In Zambia, orphans are thrilled when their school fees are paid and they can spend days learning. Education is key for a hope-filled future for orphans.

This month’s calendar photograph captures the sheer joy of one of Project HOPE’s orphans. His pure happiness overrides the fact that he has no relatives and is all on his own. School is the hope he has. With an education, he has a chance to become self-sustaining despite his difficult circumstances.

Children in Zambia are returning to the start of their next semester just as kids here at home are heading back to school. Donations to Project HOPE help pay the required fees to ensure more orphans, like the one featured this month, can access education. Please consider contributing a gift today to give a child hope.

August 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

Education is the key to hope for orphans. Moving through all grades and eventually finishing high school means an orphan has the capacity to find employment and become self-sustaining. Even post secondary opportunities open up when those who are academically proficient achieve the marks that create scholarships in disciplines like medicine, engineering and education.

For orphans, like the two young girls in this month’s photograph, attending school is not possible unless donations provide the opportunity. The Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, is entirely focused on providing classes for orphans meaning no fees are paid by students. The only barrier is space as the school is already bursting with over 600 orphans being taught by five volunteer teachers. While these two are not yet old enough to start, they know that the Saikalo School is a place of hope for their future.

Project HOPE assists this special school with resources and funding for a feeding program for the students. We need your help to supply a lunch for every orphan each day. Volunteers help prepare the daily meal and the kids eat in two separate shifts so that all can get at least one meal a day. The funds you give are critical to ensuring this program continues. It takes $250 per month to run this program. Please consider sponsoring a month so that all twelve are covered!

July 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

The launch of the Chipata Community Impact Project in June 2017 saw delegates reach out to the Mchini and Magazzine Compounds. After going door to door throughout the compounds, meeting and visiting with vulnerable people, the Community Care Teams invited all to share at a local field for games and more time for connecting.

In this month’s photograph just one of the hundreds of orphans who came to participate is featured. Enthusiasm was high as kids eagerly joined in games of soccer, tag and various other typical Zambian playground activities. The Community Care Teams played just as hard throughout the afternoon, working up a sweat while cheering, laughing and running around.

With over 851 widows and orphans reached during the week, Community Care Teams have continued through the year to return each month to the compounds to follow up with those first met and continue to build relationships. Through this process vulnerable people are included in church communities and critical needs are assessed.