July 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

The launch of the Chipata Community Impact Project in June 2017 saw delegates reach out to the Mchini and Magazzine Compounds. After going door to door throughout the compounds, meeting and visiting with vulnerable people, the Community Care Teams invited all to share at a local field for games and more time for connecting.

In this month’s photograph just one of the hundreds of orphans who came to participate is featured. Enthusiasm was high as kids eagerly joined in games of soccer, tag and various other typical Zambian playground activities. The Community Care Teams played just as hard throughout the afternoon, working up a sweat while cheering, laughing and running around.

With over 851 widows and orphans reached during the week, Community Care Teams have continued through the year to return each month to the compounds to follow up with those first met and continue to build relationships. Through this process vulnerable people are included in church communities and critical needs are assessed.

Short trip to Kasama…

Any time at the Saikalo School is a incredible opportunity to share with dedicated volunteer teachers who are now serving over 600 students. Form 5 has been added and all classes are bursting with the overwhelming numbers of kids!

Rejoice and Mercy, who head up the school, warmly welcomed us and updated us about the progress of the school and need to add new curriculum for Form 5. They also shared that chalk, red and blue pens would also be helpful. The need for reading books for the students to also practice their English is a priority so Project HOPE will be working on facilitating a reading library at the school. More exciting updates to follow.

Please remember this special school and the wonderful teachers who volunteer their time, 6:30am to 5:30pm every day, to teach orphans and give them hope!

Proflight keeps us moving!

So far we have flown Toronto to Dubai, Dubai to Lusaka, Lusaka to Solwezi, Solwezi to Lusaka and most recently Lusaka to Ndola then Ndola to Kasama. All thanks to Proflight. Proflight is Zambia’s in country flight service and without the ability to fly to these areas it would take far too long by roads to reach all our projects.

Despite the great distances, Proflight affords us to travel quickly here but there are still hundreds of kilometres of local roads to drive. Potholes overwhelmingly occupy more of the road than tarmac, unfortunately, so getting around can be incredibly slow and painful – literally. Our recent 4.5 hour drive to Nyangombe was not unlike operating a jackhammer for the same period of time. Our taxi drove more in the ditch rather than descend and climb in and out of each vast pothole.

Fortunately, despite the conditions, the arrival at the end of the saga is well worth the effort. Nyangombe never disappoints!

June 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

Orphan boys join us for a visit at Nyangombe in this photograph taken in May 2017. The boys live in the villages surrounding Nyangombe in the northwest province of Zambia and rely on the support of

Project HOPE for payment of their school fees and basic resources. They are serious about their education and know that attending school is key to having a future. Please consider contributing a donation to help pay school fees for an orphan at Nyangombe. Your gift can bring hope!