Proflight keeps us moving!

So far we have flown Toronto to Dubai, Dubai to Lusaka, Lusaka to Solwezi, Solwezi to Lusaka and most recently Lusaka to Ndola then Ndola to Kasama. All thanks to Proflight. Proflight is Zambia’s in country flight service and without the ability to fly to these areas it would take far too long by roads to reach all our projects.

Despite the great distances, Proflight affords us to travel quickly here but there are still hundreds of kilometres of local roads to drive. Potholes overwhelmingly occupy more of the road than tarmac, unfortunately, so getting around can be incredibly slow and painful – literally. Our recent 4.5 hour drive to Nyangombe was not unlike operating a jackhammer for the same period of time. Our taxi drove more in the ditch rather than descend and climb in and out of each vast pothole.

Fortunately, despite the conditions, the arrival at the end of the saga is well worth the effort. Nyangombe never disappoints!