2019 Calendar of HOPE!

Happy New Year! It is exciting and amazing to enter a new year. We are also thrilled to share our new Calendar of HOPE images and the story behind each photo. This year, we produced two different calendars. One, the people of Project HOPE and second, a special edition ‘animals of Zambia’. Each month the photographs will appear on our website with information about the images and a bit of background. So, here are our images from January 2019 and a bit about them… please enjoy and thank you for your support of Project HOPE.

Carpentry apprentices at Nyangombe.

An amazing new partnership emerged in 2018 with the Hamilton Carpenters Union Local 18 joining our community of support by donating funds to purchase sets of tools for our orphan apprentices in Nyangombe. Under the supervision of Gordon MacKillop, Project HOPE’s partner at the Nyangombe Christian Training Centre, young teens receive expert education in this program and upon graduation, get a set of hand tools to start their own businesses. Three of the current apprentices visited with Christopher Graves and Ken Murray during their May 2018 trip to the centre and received ten sets of tools for future graduates. An incredible donation that makes a long term impact in the lives of vulnerable people.

Leopard at drinking hole, South Luangwa, Zambia.

A leopard sighting is a rare but incredible opportunity in the South Luangwa National Park, especially in daylight. This photograph, taken in one of Zambia’s most beautiful national parks, captures a large leopard, completely uninterested in its spectators.