All creatures great and small…

At least it’s not a snake, however, despite the harmless appearance, this little creature packs quite a punch. Although the photograph does not indicate, this bug is actually almost 8 inches long and is covered in sharp barbs that if touched, delivers a severe sting not unlike a bee sting but multiple hits.

This is just one of the many interesting creatures you encounter at Nyangombe. Whether caterpiller, spider, gecko or the more famous varieties of snakes including mambas, puff adders and boom slangs, you just have to look long enough and you will see an amazing and unending biology of creatures. Many, like the snakes, are quite deadly so sharp eyes are necessary. Several of the spiders, although as big as an outstretched hand, are great mosquito catchers. The fire ants add to menagerie.

Just recently one of the women of Nyangombe was bitten five times by a snake while walking on a Saturday night. At the first strike she thought it was ants biting her so she jumped up and down not realizing that she was landing on the same snake that struck four more times. Help came but she soon passed out. No one thought she would survive but early the next morning she awoke and continues to heal. It could have been fatal. Once her rescuers were done with the snake it was not recognizable so no one is really sure what type it was!

Such is life in the bush. The creatures really are incredible. While a bit much for some, and yes the danger is real, each has a job to do.