April 2020 Calendar of HOPE

The Quarry School continues to be a source of inspiration and desperation. This tiny two room school houses over 100 orphan students who show up every day to learn. Their neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, is a poor patchwork of meagre houses, pothole filled tracks doubling as roads and too many struggling people trying to just get through each day.

The school has suffered greatly at the hands of local officials and area thugs alike who have taken advantage of the school’s location, land and minimal capacity. At the height of the calamity students could not get to school as roads were unpassable due to violence. Many mornings when they did manage to arrive they were welcomed by chaos as their classrooms were once again ransacked and left broken and battered. In the most frustrating days local government did not protect the school from squatters building on the property despite clear ownership being paid for and held by the widows who run this haven for orphans.

Still, despite too many challenging days to count, the Quarry School still stands, its doors open, two teachers teaching and orphans diligently applying themselves to complete their studies. The hope they all pursue is mirrored by the recent progress made to achieve a clear title for the land and remedy much of the school’s woes by constructing a wall to clearly define the property and protect it.

For the young man in this month’s Calendar of HOPE photograph, he knows his job is to complete his studies, get into high school and use his education to create a sustainable future. Project HOPE’s job is to ensure the Quarry School has the capacity to survive and continue to be a source of hope for hundreds of orphans just like him who have no other shelter in their daily storm.

Please join us in supporting the Quarry School. Your gift today can change the world for an orphan as they faithfully study to have hope.