August 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

Education is the key to hope for orphans. Moving through all grades and eventually finishing high school means an orphan has the capacity to find employment and become self-sustaining. Even post secondary opportunities open up when those who are academically proficient achieve the marks that create scholarships in disciplines like medicine, engineering and education.

For orphans, like the two young girls in this month’s photograph, attending school is not possible unless donations provide the opportunity. The Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, is entirely focused on providing classes for orphans meaning no fees are paid by students. The only barrier is space as the school is already bursting with over 600 orphans being taught by five volunteer teachers. While these two are not yet old enough to start, they know that the Saikalo School is a place of hope for their future.

Project HOPE assists this special school with resources and funding for a feeding program for the students. We need your help to supply a lunch for every orphan each day. Volunteers help prepare the daily meal and the kids eat in two separate shifts so that all can get at least one meal a day. The funds you give are critical to ensuring this program continues. It takes $250 per month to run this program. Please consider sponsoring a month so that all twelve are covered!