August 2020 Calendar of HOPE

The pandemic continues to pose significant challenges for everyone. Project HOPE is trying to navigate these uncertain times both in Canada and in Africa. Just as closures and measures to try and stem the spread of the virus has impacted day to day activities, our projects are also under duress. While donations have diminished, we strive to maintain monthly support to our project partners serving those who are especially vulnerable at this time. Inflation, food shortages and fear have impacted widows and orphans.

This month’s Calendar of HOPE photograph continues our focus on the Quarry School in Lusaka, Zambia. While the school is also impacted by the virus, we look to the future when we hope to see the school wall constructed and classes for all our orphans continue. Once there are some solutions to the pandemic and things begin to open again, Project HOPE is anxious to see the children at the school. We are also hoping that we are able to raise the funds needed for the school wall to create a safe environment.

If you can help us continue to serve the most vulnerable widows and orphans in these difficult times, please consider making a gift today.