May 2021 Calendar of HOPE

Our May 2021 Calendar of HOPE features one of our orphans. Our project partner, Geoffrey Muvumbo, recently shared an update about this young man who is supported by Project HOPE:

“Reuben was hospitalized for about a week due to a snake bite a few weeks ago. Thankfully, he is doing better. Reuben is one of the orphans we gladly support in Chipata, Zambia. I met Reuben years ago when he was a street kid and he was out of school. After I got engaged with him for some time, he showed interest in school and we managed to get him back to school and he started in grade 5. Reuben wrote his grade 7 exams last year and made it to grade 8. He is currently doing grade 8 and looks set to keep moving forward.”

Fortunately Reuben is on the road to recovery and despite what could have been a deadly strike, proximity to the hospital and the availability of anti-venom saved him. Our thanks to Geoffrey for sharing this update and for the encouraging news about Reuben’s progress in school. Donations to Project HOPE help kids like Reuben access education which means hope for building a sustainable future.

April 2021 Calendar of HOPE

The work continues by all Project HOPE partners as vulnerable people are served through this ongoing pandemic. Our faithful project managers are caring for those who have no other resource or advocate. As the photograph depicts, vulnerable people includes men and women who are widows and struggling to survive. Albert is just one such person who receives help from one of our community care teams as he struggles to provide for his children after the loss of his wife.

While the virus makes everything more challenging here and around the world… despite infection, inflation and instability… our projects have maintained significant momentum. We are looking forward to sharing news from the frontline on May 1st during our online virtual event. We will be sharing our second online ‘annual dinner’ as the pandemic once again has prevented an in person gathering. Stay tuned for more details.

March 2021 Calendar of HOPE…

We are getting close! Crops are maturing and we are anticipating a good harvest in Tanzania. The first phase of this new project is coming to a close and we are looking to have significant research done to inform our next steps in this exciting venture. Titus Mashala and his team have been working diligently putting in lots of sweat equity to make sure this first harvest is successful.

In the coming weeks much data will be collected as the harvest gets underway. In partnership with several key subject matter experts, Project HOPE will be undertaking the second phase of this project. With a lot of work still to come the goal is to provide skills development for vulnerable people so that they can learn best practices to become self-sustaining. We look forward to sharing more exciting news as this endeavor develops.

February 2021 Calendar of HOPE

In the final months of 2020 we provided funds for Geoff and Martha Muvumbo in Chipata, Zambia, to rent farmland and assist widows and orphans with seed and fertilizer. By planting their own crops, the women and children would be able to feed themselves once crops were ready for harvesting. Now, in early February 2021 the fruits of their labour are evident.

As the picture above shows, the crops are coming along nicely and we are anticipating that the participants will not only have food to eat but also extra to sell at market. This process will greatly improve their ability to be self-sustaining and also extend the impact of donations to Project HOPE. By helping this little community of vulnerable people with tools and resources, their industry gives them a future. While they could not afford the land rental, seed and fertilizer costs, they did not lack for effort when it came to the hard work of tilling the land and planting. Now with weeding and maintenance they are seeing the results of their hard work.

We are grateful to those who assisted with donations for this program. We will be helping again with the next planting season and extending our efforts to help more widows and orphans become self-sustaining. If you would like to help, please consider making a gift today.