Back to the Quarry School…

With a couple of days in Lusaka, Zambia, we were afforded the opportunity to visit the Quarry School. In the last three years, difficulties in the surrounding area prevented a site visit. It was terrific to get back to the school and meet with the orphans while they were in class.

The last couple of years have not been kind to the Quarry School. The school property has been under duress from squatters encroaching upon the land and the process of securing the title for the property has been slow and frustrating. Despite following all government requirements of surveying the land, completing all paperwork and paying for all relevant permits, the title still has not been granted. With all the squatters building little huts around and on the property the land development Commissioner now wants another survey and of course moneys to start the process all over again.

Please pray for the Quarry School, the orphans and the two teachers who make this critical place of education possible. Currently there are 47 students in the primary class and 48 in the secondary class. Education is the key to hope for orphans and without the Quarry School these kids would have no other option.

Once we have the title to the land we can commence work to build a wall to secure the site and keep squatters from taking any more land or vandalizing the school. Stay tuned for more updates!