December 2019 Calendar of HOPE…

The last month of 2019 has arrived and with the approach of this Christmas season we take a look at the last two images from this year’s Calendars of HOPE. Each month we have presented the faces and concerns of Project HOPE and appreciated your shared journey with us.

Featured this month is Rejoice, Head Teacher of the Saikalo School in Kasama. Rejoice, along with her team of five teachers, spend every day instructing over 600 orphan students. Their day starts at 6:00am and ends at 6:00pm. They receive no pay for their efforts and along the way they manage to feed all students a meal everyday too.

Project HOPE has been honoured to walk alongside Rejoice and her staff. Just recently we celebrated with them as our shipment of books arrived to establish their school library. This library is a significant advancement in the life of the school for the benefit of all the students.

As you travel through this Christmas season, please remember Rejoice and her team. We require funding to help sustain their feeding efforts so that every orphan gets one meal a day. Project HOPE needs to provide $250 each month to feed all 623 students.

The young zebra in this month’s calendar page was photographed at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Zebra are plentiful in this part of Zambia but are constantly wary of predators looking for their next meal. Lion, leopard, hyena and wild dogs are primary threats so the zebra herd is always on alert. The Crawshay’s zebra, which has a distinctive style of stripe, is only found in this part of Africa.