Farmville Tanzania-Style!

We Got a Farm!

Well ‘we’ is in the sense that our Tanzanian partner, Titus, was granted land by his local council to develop for the benefit of vulnerable widows and orphans served by Project HOPE. Due to the impact that Titus has had, community leaders approached him and offered the plot. Soon after the process of developing a long range plan for the gift began.

Helping struggling women and children by providing skills in the planting and harvesting of their own food will mean they can become self-sufficient. It was determined that this would be the best use of the land and currently cultivation is underway in preparation of planting several different crops to see what will grow best.

The first phase of the project will key in on the establishment of the farm by Titus and his community care team. Subsequent phases will see the development of educational and mentorship streams so that widows and orphans will have the opportunity to participate in learning conservation farming and growing their own food.

To establish the first phase Project HOPE needs $2,000 of seed money, literally, to purchase seed and fertilizer for planting this October. When the harvest takes place in January the viability of the next phase of the project will be determined based upon yield and the industry of the community care team.

We are very excited about this new program and need your help. Please consider donating to support this first phase and help us build our farm! To give, simply click HERE.

If you would like a copy of the business plan for this project, send us an email at and request the “Tanzanian Agricultural College Concept Document”.