July 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

The launch of the Chipata Community Impact Project in June 2017 saw delegates reach out to the Mchini and Magazzine Compounds. After going door to door throughout the compounds, meeting and visiting with vulnerable people, the Community Care Teams invited all to share at a local field for games and more time for connecting.

In this month’s photograph just one of the hundreds of orphans who came to participate is featured. Enthusiasm was high as kids eagerly joined in games of soccer, tag and various other typical Zambian playground activities. The Community Care Teams played just as hard throughout the afternoon, working up a sweat while cheering, laughing and running around.

With over 851 widows and orphans reached during the week, Community Care Teams have continued through the year to return each month to the compounds to follow up with those first met and continue to build relationships. Through this process vulnerable people are included in church communities and critical needs are assessed.