July 2019 Calendar of HOPE…

Walking through the villages adjacent to Nyangombe in the North West Province, is always a challenging but encouraging opportunity to interact with widows supported by Project HOPE in their homes. Always in motion, widows spend their days from sun up to sun down making the most of every moment. From hauling water to maintaining their home fires, each widow works tirelessly to make it through each day.

The rainy season brings its own challenges with downpours making it difficult to stay dry. June and July bring cold temperatures. Just keeping warm through the night is a constant battle.

Project HOPE continues to support widows in this part of Zambia with blankets to stave off the night chill as well as basic resources including salt, soap and other necessities. The team at Nyangombe continually assist through the planting and harvest season so that widows can have enough food to make it on their own merits.

Your support of these widows is key to helping them become self-sustaining. Why not consider making a gift today and help us serve those who are vulnerable.

The South Luangwa in Zambia has its own endemic species, Thornicroft’s giraffe, which was named after Harry Scott Thornicroft, a commissioner for the British South Africa Company at the turn of the 19th century in what was then Northern Rhodesia. It’s one of the smallest giraffes in Africa. It differs from other sub species in that their decorative, leaf shaped body spots do not extend below the knee.

Young giraffes are extremely vulnerable and up to half will die in their first year, as they are easy targets for lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs. It’s estimated that there are only 1,500 Thornicroft’s giraffe in the South Luangwa National Park, so seeing their heads poking up among the trees is truly a treat.