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July 2021 Calendar of HOPE
July 1, 2021

The work in Liberia continues as Fred Varnie, our project partner, cares for widows and orphans who have significant needs. Fred shared news in the past few days of a widow, Esther, that he purchased medicine for that she critically required. In this basic hospital setting, patients must pay for everything. The hospital had very little supplies but Fred provided funding through Project HOPE donations to assist.

Esther is just one of many widows served by Fred in Liberia. Without his care, many basic needs would not be provided and in this case, desperately needed medicine would not have been administered. Sadly, Esther did not survive.

We continue to support Fred, not only financially but with encouragement and our ongoing partnership to help him care for the most vulnerable in his community. For many, there is just no answer to avoid the loss of life but this does not deter Fred from seeking each day to bring hope to many lives.

Please consider helping us keep the resources available for Fred to serve in his community. Your donation today can make all the difference in the life of a widow or orphan who has no other answer or advocate