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June 2021 Calendar of HOPE
June 1, 2021

Critical care continues at the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, where each day all students receive a meal. During the pandemic the school has had to scale back its class sizes to meet guidelines. Meal service has not stopped as this much needed resource is a lifeline to all the orphans.

The school’s need for access to clean water and more classrooms is of concern for Project HOPE. No running water means a communal wash bucket that promotes significant health issues. There is also need to add space so that the students, who are cramped into four tiny rooms, can sit at desks and not on the hard cement floor.

These are just a few critical needs that Project HOPE continues to discuss with the volunteer school staff. We need partners to help us financially facilitate these upgrades to give all the orphans… over 650 students… the best chance for a sustainable future. Please consider making a gift today.