March 2019 Calendar of HOPE

Providing funding for school fees for orphans is a significant part of the mission of Project HOPE. These fees, required by virtually every school in Zambia, are designed by local committees that are meant to cover uniforms, security and additional costs related to each institution. For an orphan, no money means no school.

These fees can range from $50 per year to $50 each term, depending upon the school. There are some schools, like the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, where orphans do not pay any fees but that scenario is rare. This month’s photograph captures just one of over 600 orphans who benefit from the services of the Saikalo School. Project HOPE’s primary concern is to assist with feeding these orphans every day. For $250 each month all students receive a meal every day at the school. We need your help to cover this cost.

Our partnerships are critical to moving forward with our mission to bring hope to vulnerable women and children. This partnership, between Project HOPE and our donors here at home is also extended to our working relationship with our project managers on the front line. Without their critical updates and communication, we are unable to move forward. Without your help, we can not fund this important mission. Please consider making a gift today to ensure these orphans get a meal each day.

Zambia’s National bird is the African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer). They can be spotted perched high up on branches above rivers, lakes and swamps. They have a very large range and can be found across Africa. The Fish Eagle is featured on the Zambian Coat of Arms and you can often hear the evocative call being used on the local radio and television.

The eagle featured was photographed in the South Luangwa National Park just at sunset, perked high in a tree surveying its surroundings. A majestic and beautiful creature!