March 2020 Calendar of HOPE

Violet Simalonda is an incredible individual. At 80, with cataracts and a bad leg, she still manages to fiercely advocate for the Quarry School. For years this widow, Project HOPE’s partner in Lusaka, Zambia, has made sure the orphans at the school have a teacher and food every day.

Despite many harsh setbacks – local thugs stealing, looting and breaking everything in sight at the school, to the illegal squatters taking over much of the school lands – Violet has banged down doors at City Hall, stood in long lines at the Ministry of Lands and finally, after more than ten years trying to secure the deed for the land, is seeing light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Violet’s tireless passion for her students has created an oasis in the midst of absolute poverty and hopelessness. We are anticipating big things in 2020 for the Quarry School. Stay tuned for more updates and please consider helping us support Violet’s work at the school.