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May 2021 Calendar of HOPE
May 17, 2021

Our May 2021 Calendar of HOPE features one of our orphans. Our project partner, Geoffrey Muvumbo, recently shared an update about this young man who is supported by Project HOPE:

“Reuben was hospitalized for about a week due to a snake bite a few weeks ago. Thankfully, he is doing better. Reuben is one of the orphans we gladly support in Chipata, Zambia. I met Reuben years ago when he was a street kid and he was out of school. After I got engaged with him for some time, he showed interest in school and we managed to get him back to school and he started in grade 5. Reuben wrote his grade 7 exams last year and made it to grade 8. He is currently doing grade 8 and looks set to keep moving forward.”

Fortunately Reuben is on the road to recovery and despite what could have been a deadly strike, proximity to the hospital and the availability of anti-venom saved him. Our thanks to Geoffrey for sharing this update and for the encouraging news about Reuben’s progress in school. Donations to Project HOPE help kids like Reuben access education which means hope for building a sustainable future.