November 2018 Calendar of HOPE

There are certain photographs that you take that capture not only a moment in time but also tell a story that needs to be told. This young girl, one of the students at the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, has arrived early and is waiting patiently for class to start. An orphan, she is at school because she knows that education is the key for her to have a future.

Like the other 620 students at the school, all orphans, this girl puts her all into showing up, studying hard and fully participating each day in class. It is not an easy life and there are no guarantees. The Saikalo School is run by local volunteers and their day to day existence is also not assured. Project HOPE lends assistance as funding allows. We would like to secure the feeding program that means all orphans get lunch every day. This requires $250 per month and while some months money is available, we still need to secure regular funds for all twelve months of the year.

Project HOPE, during the last visit to the Saikalo School in May 2018, agreed to also provide English reading books so that students had a school library. This is also a work in progress and donations of books are arriving weekly at our Canadian office in anticipation of a shipment to Zambia to facilitate this need.

The photo this month is both interesting and challenging. The orphan is doing her part, showing up, working hard and trying to achieve a hopeful future of self-sustainability. Project HOPE is committed to serving her needs and the 620 other kids and volunteers at the school but we need your help. Please consider making a gift today. We need to continue funding the feeding program and donations of new or gently used reading books would be greatly appreciated.

Below is the second photo taken… this time capturing her determination. Please help us give her hope for a future.