November 2020 Calendar of HOPE…

November has arrived and with it a significant number of anticipated events that will shape the future. Notwithstanding the looming election in the United States, COVID-19 continues to dominate daily life and affect the globe. While most issues are beyond our control, in these uncertain days we can assume a bit of leverage and affect positive change. Project HOPE, like you, has been dramatically impacted by world conditions, financially and otherwise. We have experienced challenges but along the way have been blessed when help has arrived just at the right time to fill a need. What a journey!

This month we highlight an orphan from our work in Nyangombe. The young girl, just one of many served by our faithful project partners in this remote area of north west Zambia, recently received a blanket provided by our donors. In May 2019 while on the ground in this part of the world we were challenged to provide blankets to help the vulnerable survive cold nights. A call when out to our guests at last year’s fundraising breakfast in Aylmer, Ontario and funding for 75 blankets was donated. Put on a container ship bound for Africa last Fall the packages arrived safely and are being distributed.

Needs like this and many other issues are affecting our widows and orphans every day. The pandemic has impacted their economy and we are feeding many who cannot afford food while inflation is raging as a result. As we enter this time of year when we all think about the season of giving, we trust that our community of champions remembers to support the work of Project HOPE and help us continue to care for the most vulnerable. Your gift can bring HOPE to someone who has no other advocate or resource.