October 2018 Calendar of HOPE

The Saikalo School is a place where orphans know there is hope. The children in this month’s photograph are outside the school. While not students, they come to this community hub where over 600 orphans have the chance to attend school every day. It is not just classes that are taking place all day, the kids receive lunch when donations to Project HOPE are available to fund this important part of the school day.

These kids are waiting for their chance to attend the Saikalo School. They know that with that chance they will have hope for a future by getting an education. The daily meal is important too as this represents the only meal of the day for many of the orphans.

Project HOPE needs to supply $250 each month to facilitate the lunch program. Your gift can ensure over 600 orphans are feed a simple meal each day. You can participate in giving a child hope. Please consider making a gift today for the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia!