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October 2021 Calendar of HOPE
October 4, 2021

October 2021 brings another planting season for our projects. Last year, to manage the significant rise in food costs at market for our widows and orphans, we began renting plots and supplying seed and fertilizer for our vulnerable communities to grow their own food. With stores of seed from last year, supplemented by more fertilizer and the kind assistance of our project managers in both Tanzania and Zambia, preparations for planting is getting underway.

In Tanzania, the second phase of our agricultural project has started with several exciting developments. First, Titus Mashala (pictured above), our project lead, has created a new community care team to assist with helping the local vulnerable population. In addition, the second phase will see several widows and orphans, our first cohort, join the project to learn best practices for conservation farming and hopefully reap the benefit of their efforts when the harvest arrives. We are grateful to Titus for his stewardship of this program!

How can you help? We need donations to help purchase the seed, fertilizer and help with rental fees of the plots we are using for the benefit of the widows and orphans. Your dollars will help us continue to create sustainable programs and food security for the most vulnerable women and children in the communities served by Project HOPE. Why not make a gift today and plant hope for tomorrow!