September 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

While September might mean the beginning of school here in Canada, many kids are not ready to let go of summer and head back to classes. In Zambia, orphans are thrilled when their school fees are paid and they can spend days learning. Education is key for a hope-filled future for orphans.

This month’s calendar photograph captures the sheer joy of one of Project HOPE’s orphans. His pure happiness overrides the fact that he has no relatives and is all on his own. School is the hope he has. With an education, he has a chance to become self-sustaining despite his difficult circumstances.

Children in Zambia are returning to the start of their next semester just as kids here at home are heading back to school. Donations to Project HOPE help pay the required fees to ensure more orphans, like the one featured this month, can access education. Please consider contributing a gift today to give a child hope.