Sweet Maple Syrup Makes Pancakes Profitable

On a rainy Spring Saturday just on the outskirts of Aylmer, Ontario, friends and family showed up for the latest day of Wacky Wendell’s hospitality. The wood fired griddle in the sugar shack was cranking out stacks of pancakes and sausages while guests poured copious amounts of sweet home made maple syrup over the fluffy fare.

This Spring local trees provided the sap that was boiled down into the new line of maple syrup and guests readily devoured the food and deposited donations for Project HOPE: Liberia in return. The pancake event follows last year’s beehive of activity as honey was on tap for the last get together on Rogers Road.

Through the very kind efforts of Wendell and Cindy Graves, the annual pancake day raised $1,250 for the project that continues to see the construction of the Maple Leaf Academic Centre and the support of orphans from the ebola crisis. Under the leadership of Fred Varnie, the project continues to flourish. Part of the proceeds also helped a crisis for Fred’s family as a much needed injection was secured to bring the medical care required.

Pictured, in his signature overalls is Wendell Graves, head of maple syrup production. Manning the hot griddle most of the day, Wendell kept the pancakes and sausages flying off the fire and onto many waiting plates satisfying everyone who attended. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Rogers Road and a rumour that artisan bread and pizzas will soon be added to the maple syrup and honey offerings!

If you missed out on the pancakes, this year’s store of maple syrup is also gone already too. You can participate though by making a contribution to Project HOPE: Liberia via our website and bring hope to a vulnerable child.