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2023 HOPE-filled Christmas Campaign

Tanzania Agricultural Project Visit
May 17, 2023

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, Project HOPE Executive Director Christopher Graves returned to Tanzania for a check in visit with project manager Titus Mashala and his community care team. Early on a Saturday morning, after a Lake Victoria ferry crossing from Mwanza, a rough road trip lead to a productive day seeing the new farm project site. A three hour motorcycle tour of the whole farm and meetings with the local council were significant and informative.

Featured in the image is just part of the six acre plot where crops have just been harvested. The latest cohort of widows and orphans who participated in the fourth phase of this project proudly gathered to celebrate the harvest and their efforts. Maise, casava and rice were all successfully planted, cultivated and harvested in this phase.

Work to launch the fifth phase of the project is underway. If you would like to participate, your donations will help facilitate the next planting, training of a new cohort of widows/orphans as well as upgrades to the site.