About Us

The Need

Great trouble exists in our world, particularly in southern Africa where disease and disasters are wiping out complete segments of the population. The effects of these catastrophes are most severely felt by the most vulnerable members of a society, the widow and the orphan.

Our Purpose

Project HOPE seeks, through African partnerships, to develop effective long-term solutions that strengthen a community’s ability to care for their widows and orphans. We partner with existing indigenous church-based and para-church initiatives in southern African countries in order to promote sustainable widow and orphan care solutions.

Our Philosophy

The foundational feature of Project HOPE’s development philosophy is partnership. We view those we work alongside with as equals in the work. Because we value effectiveness and accountability we require that does the following.

  1. Partnerships are entered into with much conversation, care and research.
  2. Partners display a high level of accountability.
  3. Partners demonstrate a high level of initiative.
  4. Partners contribute a certain percentage to the project.
  5. Programs are sustainable.
  6. Programs are environmentally conscious.
  7. Programs not promote duplication.
  8. Majority of programs will be rural.
  9. Programs are within our charity parameters; they must directly impact widows and orphans in a favourable way.

Make a Difference Today!

Every dollar counts. Together, we can support orphans and widows in crisis by starting a positive spiral to prepare for and respond to crises thorough partnership.