Harvest Season has Arrived!

The second phase of the Tanzanian Agricultual program is nearly complete with a good harvest, including sweet potatoes. Pictured is project leader Titus Mashala, who has been hard at work mentoring widows and orphans to realize this harvest. The second phase also saw the development of the community care team that assists Titus with organizing the program and working with the vulnerable people chosen to participate. More news will follow in the days to come as exciting developments continue in Tanzania!

November 2021 Calendar of HOPE…

2021 is quickly slipping by and the ability to fly to Africa to visit our projects continues to be a challenge as the pandemic has not abated to the extent that the cost of travel and COVID protocols makes a trip viable. In the interim, we are grateful to Geoffrey Muvumbo, Project HOPE’s partner in Chipata, Zambia, who has taken on additional responsibility to care for our projects in Lusaka and Kasama. With Geoff’s help, we are able to maintain good communication and ongoing support of the Quarry School and Saikalo School.

Just last week Geoff was able to visit Lusaka and meet with Violet, our project partner at the Quarry School along with the teachers and a few key members of the community (Geoff is top left in the photo while Violet is centre, front row). This informative meeting gave Geoff the chance to see the project firsthand while also seeing the new school wall. Geoff reported back to Project HOPE: “It was great to meet Violet in person. I also was very encouraged by the progress at the school and the many orphans served there. I look forward to seeing the school develop with so much opportunity.”

There are several plans in motion to not only further upgrade the hygiene of the school’s water and sanitary system but also add to food preparation and classroom amenities. Stay tuned for more information about how you can help!

In the meantime, Project HOPE continues to support the Quarry School feeding program. If you can help with this critically important program your donation today would be much appreciated. Simply click the link on our main page “DONATE NOW” and you will be taken to our donation portal.

October 2021 Calendar of HOPE

October 2021 brings another planting season for our projects. Last year, to manage the significant rise in food costs at market for our widows and orphans, we began renting plots and supplying seed and fertilizer for our vulnerable communities to grow their own food. With stores of seed from last year, supplemented by more fertilizer and the kind assistance of our project managers in both Tanzania and Zambia, preparations for planting is getting underway.

In Tanzania, the second phase of our agricultural project has started with several exciting developments. First, Titus Mashala (pictured above), our project lead, has created a new community care team to assist with helping the local vulnerable population. In addition, the second phase will see several widows and orphans, our first cohort, join the project to learn best practices for conservation farming and hopefully reap the benefit of their efforts when the harvest arrives. We are grateful to Titus for his stewardship of this program!

How can you help? We need donations to help purchase the seed, fertilizer and help with rental fees of the plots we are using for the benefit of the widows and orphans. Your dollars will help us continue to create sustainable programs and food security for the most vulnerable women and children in the communities served by Project HOPE. Why not make a gift today and plant hope for tomorrow!

September 2021 Calendar of HOPE

After a successful launch in 2020 plans are in motion to once again plant crops to help feed widows and orphans. Not only does the effort help alleviate the impact of the significant price of food but also gives those who are vulnerable the chance to become self sustaining.

For our partner in Tanzania, Titus Mashala, this month begins Phase Two of the agriculture project started last year. Again, the land will be prepared and planted in anticipation of another successful harvest. Phase Two also means widows and orphans will be working along side Titus and his Community Care Team, learning how to effectively plant and maintain the plot.

In Zambia, Geoff and Martha Muvumbo will also be helping widows and orphans with plot rentals, seed and fertilizer resources, so that another harvest can be realized. These efforts substantially impact those who have no other resources and effectively offsets the cost of buying food while helping the vulnerable have a measure of self-sustainability.

If you would like to support these projects, please donate today. Your gifts at this critical time will have a significant impact.