The Village Harvest Live Event

Our thanks to all who participated in this year’s virtual event. Over $12,000 was raised in just over an hour for Project HOPE! We are also grateful for those who donated packages for our online auction.

While we all have been weathering this COVID storm it is our hope that in 2023 we will be able to hold our annual event ‘in person’ and to share with our community a meal and an evening face to face. Stay tuned for updates!

If you missed it, we will be sharing some of the video highlights of the virtual presentation. But here is a sample of Loisa, who is just 96 years old and a widow supported by Project HOPE:

Maybe our last ‘Virtual’ event?

We look forward to greeting you on Saturday, April 9, 2022, for our annual ‘virtual’ dinner and silent auction. We have made the difficult decision to again hold this important event online and hope that in 2023 we can host you in person.

The world is rapidly changing and as we have had to plan accordingly, we will hold our annual event online one more time. Save the date and be ready, from the comfort of you own home, to share with us as we communicate incredible updates from our projects. The much-anticipated silent auction will also be online and will feature one of a kind items and packages that will keep the bidding fast and furious.

Share this date with family and friends and stayed tuned for more information!

2021 HOPE-filled Christmas Campaign

The 2021 HOPE-filled Christmas campaign was filled with surprises, both positive and challenging. Project HOPE’s community of friends and champions responded to the call for support and gifts arrived through November and December helping us reach our campaign goal. While donations were being deposited, circumstances on the frontlines meant those moneys needed to be put to work right away.

We greatly appreciate those that were able to contribute to the campaign. The pandemic has certainly impacted everyone’s economy. Project HOPE has seen a 30% reduction in donations throughout the pandemic years which means the HOPE-filled Christmas campaign really becomes a critical time.

While the campaign was underway unexpected needs arose in Burkina Faso. In the words of project manager Olivier Ouamenga: “On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations we wish to give food to poor families and especially to families with children to sponsor. Our needs will be 1 ton of rice, 20 tubs of macaroni, 20 cans of oil.”

Project HOPE made funds available to Olivier and the photograph captures orphans enjoying a meal. As the military coup unfolded, Olivier has continued to feed widows and orphans who have no access to food given the dangerous situation in the country. Fortunately, Olivier and the community of vulnerable people he cares for are safe.

In the days ahead we will share more stories of the impact of campaign donations but we are truly grateful for all the care and support we received at Christmas. 2022 is going to be challenging for all of us as we continue to manage virus conditions but Project HOPE is committed to maintaining our mission to vulnerable widows and orphans.

November 2021 Calendar of HOPE…

2021 is quickly slipping by and the ability to fly to Africa to visit our projects continues to be a challenge as the pandemic has not abated to the extent that the cost of travel and COVID protocols makes a trip viable. In the interim, we are grateful to Geoffrey Muvumbo, Project HOPE’s partner in Chipata, Zambia, who has taken on additional responsibility to care for our projects in Lusaka and Kasama. With Geoff’s help, we are able to maintain good communication and ongoing support of the Quarry School and Saikalo School.

Just last week Geoff was able to visit Lusaka and meet with Violet, our project partner at the Quarry School along with the teachers and a few key members of the community (Geoff is top left in the photo while Violet is centre, front row). This informative meeting gave Geoff the chance to see the project firsthand while also seeing the new school wall. Geoff reported back to Project HOPE: “It was great to meet Violet in person. I also was very encouraged by the progress at the school and the many orphans served there. I look forward to seeing the school develop with so much opportunity.”

There are several plans in motion to not only further upgrade the hygiene of the school’s water and sanitary system but also add to food preparation and classroom amenities. Stay tuned for more information about how you can help!

In the meantime, Project HOPE continues to support the Quarry School feeding program. If you can help with this critically important program your donation today would be much appreciated. Simply click the link on our main page “DONATE NOW” and you will be taken to our donation portal.