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With your help, we aim to develop effective long-term solutions that strengthen a community’s ability to care for their widows and orphans.

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Developing long-term relationships with partners.

Rather than establish our ‘own projects’ we strategically come alongside vibrant, grassroots initiatives, increasing their capacity to help the widows and orphans within their scope of reach. This method maximizes the sustainability of projects, as they are ‘self-conceived’, while simultaneously reducing cost.

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Nyangombe – Northwestern Province, Zambia

Orphan Care: Nyangombe is a rural area in the northwestern province of Zambia. Under the leadership of Charles Kafweta, vulnerable orphans in the villages surrounding the centre receive care through funding for their school fees and basic necessities.

Widow Support: The network of care groups also track with vulnerable widows in area villages. Basic needs are provided as well as emotional and spiritual support.

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Click to check out an ongoing list of items above and beyond our project needs. The items, some ordinary, some quite extraordinary, are a constant source of concern. If you could help facilitate any of these items, especially one of our dream ticket items, that would mean a huge impact to our mission!


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Every dollar counts. Together, we can support orphans and widows in crisis by starting a positive spiral to prepare for and respond to crises thorough partnership.