November 2017 Calendar of HOPE…

The serious demeanor of this young orphan characterizes the struggle he faces every day. His family is gone, he has no means of self-support and each morning he wonders what will happen to him that day. This boy lives near the Nyangombe settlement but he is not alone. The community care team of Nyangombe ensures he has food, shelter and the ability to go to school. While he may have lost his family, his world has been filled by committed volunteers who make sure he has hope, one day at a time.

His future is not secure but he has a chance. Funds donated to Project HOPE help bring a measure of stability to his life by providing for his immediate needs. Having the chance to complete school is the key to his future along with the encouragement he receives from his ‘adopted’ care family at Nyangombe.

His story is unfortunately not unique. There are many more vulnerable children just like him who need hope. Christmas is approaching and now more than ever Project HOPE needs donations to keep resources flowing so that kids have hope. Please make a gift today.

October 2017 Calendar of HOPE…

October 2017 has arrived and as we anticipate a busy month filled with all that Fall scheduling brings, we are pleased to present the story behind this month’s Calendar of HOPE photograph. The young boy in the picture is the ‘grandson’ of our widow in Kasama, Louisa. Her ‘grandson’ is actually the son of one of the first orphans that Louisa took in many years ago with his three brothers. All this time later and that same orphan has stayed to help Louisa around her farm and now has a young family of his own.

This youngster lacks many physical comforts that an affluent life affords but he does not suffer the absence or care of a family. His ‘grandma’ dotes on him constantly despite her advanced age and his father works hard every day to ensure there is a bit of food on the table for dinner. It is not an easy life but this young man will hopefully go to school when he is old enough. While Project HOPE funded his dad’s school fees this young man has a father who is present and making his future secure.

While these stories are few and far between we are grateful for the wonderful gift Louisa has provided many orphans and widows over the years, giving them shelter and what resources she has to share. She has asked nothing in return but unconditionally has opened her home and heart to those less fortunate than herself. Mind you, Louisa has very little to give but she certainly shares everything from food, shelter, clothing and any security her little farm has to offer.

In May we celebrated Louisa’s 90th birthday with cake, candles and her ‘family’ of orphans who have benefited from her care. What an amazing afternoon to share with that extended community of people who have taken help from Project HOPE and magnified its impact exponentially. We are planning for Louisa’s 91st birthday which she says she is not going to see but we constantly remind her that she will never be forgotten!

September 2017 Calendar of HOPE…

The Quarry School is an amazing oasis in the middle of a very challenging part of Lusaka, Zambia. Amidst the busy bustling makeshift roads of the local area, the school is a haven for orphans who have no other educational option. Project HOPE’s partner, Widows International, has been hosting vulnerable children at this one room school, providing daily lunches and the best teaching they can manage with one teacher serving eighty students on any given day.

Other the years Project HOPE donations added a well and pump to make clean drinking water available. Things were looking bright for the school until vandals and thugs started targeting the school and property. First, the pump was broken then anything of value stolen. Next the thugs were emboldened and stood in the road daily, threatening violence to any orphans who came near the school. The widows, mostly in their seventies, were powerless against the tide of cruelty. Local authorities were called in and the widows had to prove their title to the land and school.

The process began to secure their rightful claim to the land. Project HOPE assisted with navigating legal and bureaucratic maze to have a new survey and achieve clear title of the land. With the deed, a wall can be constructed around the school to secure the school and safety of the orphans who attend. The long process is almost complete and the next phase, financing and building the wall, will commence.

It has been an incredible journey that is not yet done but the faithfulness of the widows who have kept the school operating, the orphans who show up despite the threats and the teacher who keeps the teaching the lessons demonstrate the commitment to working toward hope.

Just as this young student’s smile in this month’s photograph captures, these children matter and Project HOPE wants to continue to honour their commitment to learning by securing the Quarry School. If you can help with a donation for the ongoing feeding program, provide a gift for the new wall and most of all, remembering our friends each day as they struggle, your kindness would be most appreciated!