September 2021 Calendar of HOPE

After a successful launch in 2020 plans are in motion to once again plant crops to help feed widows and orphans. Not only does the effort help alleviate the impact of the significant price of food but also gives those who are vulnerable the chance to become self sustaining.

For our partner in Tanzania, Titus Mashala, this month begins Phase Two of the agriculture project started last year. Again, the land will be prepared and planted in anticipation of another successful harvest. Phase Two also means widows and orphans will be working along side Titus and his Community Care Team, learning how to effectively plant and maintain the plot.

In Zambia, Geoff and Martha Muvumbo will also be helping widows and orphans with plot rentals, seed and fertilizer resources, so that another harvest can be realized. These efforts substantially impact those who have no other resources and effectively offsets the cost of buying food while helping the vulnerable have a measure of self-sustainability.

If you would like to support these projects, please donate today. Your gifts at this critical time will have a significant impact.

August 2021 Calendar of HOPE

After a successful spring harvest, maize is ready to be shelled. Widows and helpers tackle the task in Chipata under the supervision of Geoff Muvumbo, project manager in this part of Zambia. Donations to Project HOPE facilitated the renting of farmland and planting of crops, including this maize, so that widows and orphans could grow their own food.

Plans are already underway for the next planting in the Fall. By assisting with this farming effort Project HOPE is able to help vulnerable people grow their own food. The process not only provides food but also extra can be sold at market to generate a little income and seed can also be realized from the current harvest to lower costs of the next planting.

Our thanks to Geoff and Martha Muvumbo for providing this opportunity for many in their community who would otherwise not be able to do this. Geoff and Martha arrange the rental plots, purchase the seed and fertilizer while helping the widows and orphans prepare the ground for planting. There is significant manual labour involved but the harvest makes the sweat equity a good investment.

If you would like to support this project please consider making a donation to Project HOPE.

July 2021 Calendar of HOPE

The work in Liberia continues as Fred Varnie, our project partner, cares for widows and orphans who have significant needs. Fred shared news in the past few days of a widow, Esther, that he purchased medicine for that she critically required. In this basic hospital setting, patients must pay for everything. The hospital had very little supplies but Fred provided funding through Project HOPE donations to assist.

Esther is just one of many widows served by Fred in Liberia. Without his care, many basic needs would not be provided and in this case, desperately needed medicine would not have been administered. Sadly, Esther did not survive.

We continue to support Fred, not only financially but with encouragement and our ongoing partnership to help him care for the most vulnerable in his community. For many, there is just no answer to avoid the loss of life but this does not deter Fred from seeking each day to bring hope to many lives.

Please consider helping us keep the resources available for Fred to serve in his community. Your donation today can make all the difference in the life of a widow or orphan who has no other answer or advocate.

June 2021 Calendar of HOPE

Critical care continues at the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, where each day all students receive a meal. During the pandemic the school has had to scale back its class sizes to meet guidelines. Meal service has not stopped as this much needed resource is a lifeline to all the orphans.

The school’s need for access to clean water and more classrooms is of concern for Project HOPE. No running water means a communal wash bucket that promotes significant health issues. There is also need to add space so that the students, who are cramped into four tiny rooms, can sit at desks and not on the hard cement floor.

These are just a few critical needs that Project HOPE continues to discuss with the volunteer school staff. We need partners to help us financially facilitate these upgrades to give all the orphans… over 650 students… the best chance for a sustainable future. Please consider making a gift today.