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Kids in the Compound
June 24, 2024

Chipata, Zambia is surrounded by compounds filled with displaced people. Not really an official town or destination, these areas lack any real structure or organized systems for sanitation, water or general living conditions. They are populated by hundreds of vulnerable women and children.

People live in small dwellings cobbled together with whatever remnants of material they can find. Rough huts are constructed with these items to build shelters to try to keep warm and dry. Our project partners, Geoff and Martha Muvumbo spend a lot of time in the compounds reaching out to people and trying to help with critical issues of hunger and illness. Most of all, they try to build community for people who are lost and disconnected from general society.

With your help, we can support Geoff and Martha as they reach people who have no other support or advocates. Feeding people, helping orphans get into school and providing business training for widows as well as just connecting and visiting make this process critical in the lives of vulnerable people every day. Please consider donating to support the work of Project HOPE .