RT10 technology from Dairy Quality continues to make an impact at Nyangombe!

The donation of the RT10 has been a terrific addition to Nyangombe’s toolkit as ongoing testing of their dairy herd has helped Gordan MacKillop and his team track the health and well-being of the cows. Dairy Quality has continued to connect with Project HOPE and the Nyangombe Training School as well with helpful guidance and support. The reach of this donation has included the interest of many external groups who have taken notice of the work at Nyangombe and the mission of Project HOPE.

The path of this story continues to develop. Check out Dairy Quality for more information about their corporate work and check back with Project HOPE for more updates about the impact of this special corporate relationship in the lives of vulnerable people!

Next round of Training Conferences about to take place in Zambia

Busy preparations have been underway since the Spring for project leaders in Zambia as they gear up to host the next phase of business training for vulnerable women in their community. Geoff and Martha Muvumbo will be hosting the third conference in Chipata, selecting a group of women who critically need the opportunity. The week long conference, held at the Family Centre, will afford the widows education in developing a home-based enterprise, learning basic business practices and also being supported through counseling to assist with life issues.

The addition of new sewing machines provided by Project HOPE will also increase the Muvumbo’s capacity to help more women learn how to sew and benefit their home life as well as potentially use the skill to generate income.


Getting Orphans Back to Class!

Just as Canadian kids and parents are gearing up for the annual Fall return to school, project partners are working to ensure vulnerable children supported by Project HOPE are ready to start classes too. Donations to support school fees, uniforms and supplies are critically needed at this time of year to ensure these children can continue their education.

In addition to the provision of school fees, Project HOPE will also be assisting with the lunch program at the Quarry School in Lusaka, Zambia and also hopes to foster a new feeding program under the leadership of Francis Chileshe, at a new school for orphans in Kasama, Zambia.