Our Partners

Project HOPE: Kasama

Project partner – Saikalo School

Serving over 500 orphans, the Saikalo School is run by a dedicated team of volunteers led by Rejoice and Mercy. The volunteers teach school all day in three shifts and provide meals for all students. Project HOPE provides funds to purchase food for this critically-needed program.

Project HOPE: Chipata

Project partner – Geoff and Martha Muvumbo

Geoff and Martha are pastors of the Family Centre in Chipata, Zambia. They are passionate about serving those who are vulnerable in their community. Geoff ensures orphans’ school fees are paid and Marth assists widows with income generating activities. Both also give leadership to the Chipata Community Impact Project.

Project HOPE: Nyangombe

Project partner – Charles Kafweta

In the remote north-western province of Zambia, Nyangombe is seeking to enable the communities in Mwinilunga district to be able to better care for their O.V.C.population. Headed by Charles Kafweta, the centre runs a training program for C.C.G.’s offering practical help and encouragement to many O.V.C.’s and widows.

Project HOPE: Widows International

Operating in a few communities in the outskirts of the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka, this widows led group helps promote small I.G.A.’s for other widows in need.  Widows Int. also runs a community school for O.V.C.’s and provides them with food on a regular basis.

Project HOPE: Able Communities

Project partner – Olivier Ouamenga

Operating in Burkina Faso, Able Communities, lead by Olivier Ouamenga, runs programs for vulnerable widows and orphans including small business development and health care.

Project HOPE: Liberia

Project partner – Fred Varnie

Operating in Liberia, Fred Varnie runs programs for orphans impacted by the Ebola outbreak. Currently a new community centre is under construction to provide after school programs for vulnerable youth.

Project HOPE: Tanzania

Project partner – Titus Mashala

Operating in the Mawanza area of Tanzania, Titus cares for vulnerable widows and orphans. Titus ensures orphans have fees to pay for school and also assists widows with basic resources. Currently the new Tanzania Agricultural Project is in Phase 1 development.

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