Glossary of Terms

Below is a glossary of terms used on this website:

Agency Agreement

This is a legal contract between Project HOPE and its partners outlining the financial and reporting responsibilites of each party.

C.C.G. – Community Care Group

Comprised of volunteers who work to facilitate an I.G.A. and provide monitoring and care for targeted orphans and widows within their community.

I.G.A – Income Generating Activity

The ‘projects’ in which a volunteer care group participates, in order to generate the necessary resources for orphan and widow care.

O.V.C. – Orphaned or Vulnerable Child

Somtimes when aiding the most desperate children in a community one might find that the child does indeed have a parent, but the parents obvious lack of care places the child in as dangerous a situation as any orphan.

Partnership Agreement

A contract that is signed by each partner of Project HOPE.  It outlines the expectations and responsibilities of each party and endeavors to define the nature of the partnership and of the joint work.

Make a Difference Today!

Every dollar counts. Together, we can support orphans and widows in crisis by starting a positive spiral to prepare for and respond to crises thorough partnership.