2018 Annual Dinner and Silent Auction

Project HOPE’s annual fundraising dinner and silent auction is taking place Saturday, April 21st at Oakridge Bible Chapel. Reserve your dinner tickets now and plan to attend this great evening in support of projects serving widows and orphans.

See you in Oakville!

EVENT DATE: Saturday, April 21, 2018

LOCATION: Oakridge Bible Chapel

TIME: Doors open at 6:00pm

Simply click on the DINNER RESERVATIONS tab and RSVP.

March 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

March has arrived and with the promise of Spring just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the temperatures just a bit warmer. There is much to anticipate as winter slowly disappears and sunshine advances.

While our days may be filled with anticipation, for orphans, like the young boy in this month’s photograph, each new day is uncertain. Without the security of a family, stable home, food or basic resources, nothing is given and everything is a struggle. While these challenges are very real there is hope. Project HOPE community care teams reach orphans like this one and ensure his days are filled with warmth, community, education, meals and a sense of belonging. He has a new family that ensures he has stability. There are many more children just like him who still need this touch of kindness.

With your help through a financial contribution, we can reach more vulnerable orphans who need this same kind of hope. Please consider making a gift today

February 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

The Mchini Compound, one of nine such areas surrounding the town of Chipata in Zambia, is home to countless vulnerable people. During the first phase of the Chipata Community Impact Project, launched in June 2017, several days were spent in this compound meeting people, discovering their needs and listening to their stories.

After going house to house each morning, community care teams invited people to a local park where an afternoon of games were hosted. Hundreds showed up… including the three girls featured in this month’s photograph. Sitting along a wall watching all the activity, these three were typical of the many that showed up. Life in the compound is difficult so anything is a welcome distraction.

After playing games, the whole crowd gathered for a time of encouragement and reminder that there is strength in community and that the team that had visited earlier that day, was in their compound and wanted to ensure everyone felt a part of a family. With Bible stories, songs and prayer, the team surrounded all the people with warmth.

Since that initial outreach, each month the teams have continued to return to the compounds to follow up with the widows and orphans who they met that first week. As the community has grown intertwined, their hope has increased knowing that they are a part of something significant!

We look forward to phase two of the project that is taking place in June 2018. Please remember the community care teams that continue to reach into the Mchini Compound and care for the most vulnerable people in the area.

Welcome to 2018!

2018 has arrived and with it twelve more months of images taken at our projects. The last image from our 2017 calendar captured one of our orphan teens currently receiving help in the Western Province. Attending school, working on an apprenticeship program and making significant progress, contributions to Project HOPE have helped this young man have hope for a brighter future.

The children in the classroom photograph begins our 2018 Calendar of HOPE. The Saikalo School needs your help! Each month Project HOPE assists with the daily feeding program as well as with educational supports so that the kids at this school, all orphans, have the best chance for an education. There are over 600 orphans now attending the school and we have a big challenge in 2018 to keep the lunch program functioning. With your gift, we can ensure all kids get a meal each day. Please keep your donations coming so that this critical service can continue.