Tools for Apprentices Delivered…

Thanks to the generosity of the Carpentry Union of Hamilton, over $1,700 worth of tools were delivered to the carpentry school at Nyangombe on Saturday. The donation means that each graduating student will receive their own tool set to begin their careers as carpenters.

Ken Murray, who has joined Project HOPE Executive Director Christopher Graves on this trip, is a member of the union and asked his executive about making the gift. A big thank you to Local 18 for providing the tools!

May 2018 Calendar of HOPE

Bertha Kamanga, Tomaida Phiri and Inery Tembo, who participated in Project HOPE’s training conferences, asked if they give back in some way. They readily agreed to volunteer for the Chipata Community Impact Project.

Each day they gathered at 6:00am to begin preparing nshima (traditional Zambian meal). At noon, they transported all the food in huge pots, the nshima with chicken one day, beef another, and so on, for the entire week. After serving over 100 people each mealtime they then cleaned all the dishes and pots before packing up and heading home after 5:00pm to begin prepping for the next day. Christopher Graves spent some time with the widows expressing his appreciation and also asked if he could help wash the dishes. “No”, the ladies laughed, “this is our job and we are happy to do it!”

The widow’s participation was more than just making and serving lunch each day. They relished this opportunity to not only give back in a tangible way but also to have an important role that was vital to the project. By being ‘partners’ in this endeavour, they felt the value of their leadership in providing good food, great service and meeting a critical need. As the photograph shows, three of these widows are all smiles as they enjoy the process of cleaning up the days dishes.

We are grateful for their provision of this key part of the Chipata Community Impact Project. Their tested and tried hands graciously served many and their smiles and willing hearts were a true testimony to the gift of HOPE. There are many more widows who need opportunity to become self-sustaining. By making a gift of $150 you can provide for a widow’s training and also for seed money to help her start a home-based business.


April 2018 Calendar of HOPE…

The sheer excitement and exhuberance of hundreds of kids from the compounds was incredible as the Canadian team shared games, soccer and stories with the crowd during the Chipata Community Impact Project. Last June, kids from the compounds were invited to a local field each day to participate in many different activities. Just to have time to play, make new friends and connect with the Community Care Teams was a terrific encouragement for the neighbourhood.

Leaders from the compound visited as well and thanked the leadership team for bringing hope to people struggling in the neighbourhood and pledged their support. The next phase of the Chipata Community Impact Project launches in June 2018. Over 140 delegates will be participating in the training and community outreach.

Your donation to help support this project would be most appreciated!