Meeting at the Mission…

Unusually hot weather made the daytime beautifully summer-like and the meeting with the women and children under the care of Project HOPE was most welcome. Over 100 widows and orphans walked to the Nyangombe Bible School for a Sunday morning celebration. Amidst much singing, each community care group reported about the academic progress of the orphans and the status of widows.

There were many upbeat stories of high marks in the children’s studies and yet too many sad tales of widows that were no longer living. Such is life in the village. After a couple of hours of sharing under the hot sunshine, the meeting disbursed and folks made their way home. Greeting and meeting the people who receive care as a result of donations to Project HOPE is a poignant reminder of the poverty of these vulnerable people. Their gratitude for the assistance is absolute but so too is the need.

June 2017 Calendar of HOPE…

The women of the villages surrounding Nyangombe are served by community care teams lead by Charles Kafweta. This widow, who had several children of her own, lost all of them but has taken in several orphans.

A long walk into the bush adjacent to the Nyangombe Bible School will bring you to her small hut. She gladly welcomes all who come to visit. The humble setting and obvious poor circumstances are not evident in her kind, warm welcome.

There are too many widows like her in the villages in this area. Donations to Project HOPE help supply basic resources for vulnerable women and for this widow, gifts pay the fees that allow the orphans she cares for to go to school. This dynamic of a vulnerable woman taking in vulnerable children is a scenario that is repeated over and over again. It is a wonderful example of the community spirit that exists. Please help us care for more widows like the dear woman featured in our calendar this month.

Safe arrival in Zambia…

After twenty-two hours flying it is always good to finally arrive in country. Traveling via Dubai, Executive Director Christopher Graves and Dave Horne (visiting Africa for the first time) landed in Lusaka and then quickly made their way to Nyangombe. Despite significant internet outages country-wide in Zambia, Graves will endeavour to post updates to the Project HOPE website.

Stay tuned for photographs and news from the trip.

May 2017 Calendar of HOPE…

With 80 kids in a one room school, with one teacher for those same 80 kids, you would think it is chaos. However, those 80 students, who are all orphans, know that getting an education is key to having a future with any hope so they are very focused and attentive.

The photograph featured in May’s Calendar of HOPE captures the kids just moments before lunch is served. The kids have no food. They did not eat breakfast before school and likely no supper will be waiting for them when they return to their homes. The teacher and volunteers prepare a simple but filling meal for the students. Donations to Project HOPE help fund this meal.

Saturday, April 29th, 2017 at The HOPE-ful Nshima, guests in attendance heard about the progress of this school, its challenges and the burden to keep finances in place to ensure these students have some food. Guests were given the opportunity to pick up a token bag of rice for $20 and support a student. Many of the packages were picked up at the dinner but we have many more to share. If you would like to participate, please consider donating to Project HOPE today. Your gift will ensure an orphan gets a meal a day while at school.