November 2018 Calendar of HOPE

There are certain photographs that you take that capture not only a moment in time but also tell a story that needs to be told. This young girl, one of the students at the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia, has arrived early and is waiting patiently for class to start. An orphan, she is at school because she knows that education is the key for her to have a future.

Like the other 620 students at the school, all orphans, this girl puts her all into showing up, studying hard and fully participating each day in class. It is not an easy life and there are no guarantees. The Saikalo School is run by local volunteers and their day to day existence is also not assured. Project HOPE lends assistance as funding allows. We would like to secure the feeding program that means all orphans get lunch every day. This requires $250 per month and while some months money is available, we still need to secure regular funds for all twelve months of the year.

Project HOPE, during the last visit to the Saikalo School in May 2018, agreed to also provide English reading books so that students had a school library. This is also a work in progress and donations of books are arriving weekly at our Canadian office in anticipation of a shipment to Zambia to facilitate this need.

The photo this month is both interesting and challenging. The orphan is doing her part, showing up, working hard and trying to achieve a hopeful future of self-sustainability. Project HOPE is committed to serving her needs and the 620 other kids and volunteers at the school but we need your help. Please consider making a gift today. We need to continue funding the feeding program and donations of new or gently used reading books would be greatly appreciated.

Below is the second photo taken… this time capturing her determination. Please help us give her hope for a future.

October 2018 Calendar of HOPE

The Saikalo School is a place where orphans know there is hope. The children in this month’s photograph are outside the school. While not students, they come to this community hub where over 600 orphans have the chance to attend school every day. It is not just classes that are taking place all day, the kids receive lunch when donations to Project HOPE are available to fund this important part of the school day.

These kids are waiting for their chance to attend the Saikalo School. They know that with that chance they will have hope for a future by getting an education. The daily meal is important too as this represents the only meal of the day for many of the orphans.

Project HOPE needs to supply $250 each month to facilitate the lunch program. Your gift can ensure over 600 orphans are feed a simple meal each day. You can participate in giving a child hope. Please consider making a gift today for the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia!

New Library Project

Books are starting to arrive at Project HOPE’s office for the new library project at the Saikalo School in Kasama, Zambia. Teachers at the school shared that they are in need of books for students to practice reading in English and increase their proficiency as per the government curriculum. With over 600 students, who are all orphans, building a library with enough books to serve the school population is beyond what the teachers can do locally. Project HOPE has agreed to take on this task and has begun collecting new or gently used appropriate books here in Canada.

“We launched the program on September 8, 2018, at our inaugural fundraising breakfast in Aylmer, Ontario” shared Christopher Graves. “We asked guests to consider filling a box of books and almost immediately, children’s books started showing up at our office.”

Project HOPE has been working with the Saikalo School through project partner Frances Chileshe. Volunteer teachers have created a fantastic school for local orphans and in addition to the daily feeding program Project HOPE has been facilitating, collected books will be shipped to Kasama to establish the new library. “We hope to have enough books collected by the end of October to send a shipment and get the library started” shared Graves. “In addition to books, any donations to help with shipping costs would be most appreciated.”

With the quick response, Graves expects to be busy picking up boxes of books over the next month and a half and has already accepted some invitations to visit schools in south western Ontario who want to participate and also hear about the work in Zambia. Graves expressed “any opportunity to share our story with people here at home is a welcome chance to increase our community of support. It will be exciting to share these books and create this resource for the school in Kasama. Donating a few books may be simple for us but it will mean the world to the teachers and students.”

If you would like to participate by giving new and gently used children’s books or donating funds to help with shipping costs, please contact Project HOPE at (519) 743-4673 or email

Fantastic Breakfast in Aylmer!

The telephone continued to ring late Friday night as folks were asking for tickets for this inaugural event but it was sold out! Over 100 people enjoyed a fantastic breakfast prepared by the team at St. Paul’s United Church. Guests arrived early to begin previewing an interesting assortment of items up for bid in the silent auction and everyone was ready for a great morning together.

Our thanks to all who attended and supported this new event. We had guests from Hamilton to London, Tillsonburg to St. Thomas, Kitchener to Aylmer and all points in between. From the many silent auction package donors to our friends who presented,  people heard and supported our projects.

The new library for Saikalo School project was launched at the breakfast and guests were invited to collect and donate children’s reading books. The books will be sent to the Saikalo School so that the students will have English books to read for their curriculum requirements. If you would like to participate, just contact us for details!

Again, it was exciting to greet so many new friends to the Project HOPE community. Thank you for your support and standing with us as we care for vulnerable widows and orphans.